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    Our beloved College of The Holy Cross has drifted away from its Catholic roots on its way to becoming a top Liberal Arts College. Though it has succeeded in becoming an excellent secular college, it has lost most of its Catholicity along the way! If you believe, as thousands of us do, that Holy Cross should promote, defend and explain Roman Catholicism to its students, we need you to support our vital Mission -- to Renew the Catholic Identity of Holy Cross! If you believe it is too late to do this, we still beg that you NOT ONLY pray for us and for all who still support the college, trusting in the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit, BUT ALSO please help us inform all others of the true state of affairs at Holy Cross so they can make more informed decisions about their support of our college.

    WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN our efforts?
    The Catholic Church has been in crisis. As our Holy Father John Paul II said, many priests, bishops and laity have been remiss in their vigilance against sexual immorality and defiant of Church Teaching. Catholic Colleges, that develop our Catholic Leaders, are therefore part and parcel of this same Crisis! And just as Catholics have been remiss in not being more vigilant in pointing out the Truth of what was often cloaked in silence, political correctness, amorality, and permissiveness, Alumni have been just as guilty for not learning more and informing others of what is flourishing at the Catholic Colleges in the name of progress, diversity and academic freedom. With the Apostolic Constitution, Ex corde Ecclesiae, now defining what a Catholic College should be, and the Crisis in the Church, and in our culture - it is NOW THE TIME to fulfill our responsibility as Alumni and Friends of Holy Cross College!
    Please spend some time on this popular web site, www.hccns.org, that has had over 100,000 visits, and tell your friends about it. There is a wealth of valuable information here. Read our Mission & Plans. Study the Powerful Documents we have published, especially the first 4 Major Letters. We guarantee this will be compelling reading! Be sure to Register and let us know your comments and suggestions. You can also let our many visitors know your thoughts on our Public Discussion Forum. See About Us for information and listings of our Present Supporters. Use the many Links and Contacts to learn more, and to tell others, about what is going at Holy Cross, other schools, our Church and our Society. Finally, please let us know your willingness to Help and/or send us your Donations both of which are necessary for the continued success of our vital effort. We have many programs you can support.

    This is a non-profit effort by people like you and me donating our time and/or money because we feel we must fulfill our responsibility with the talents and treasure God has given us, --- before it is too late.

    Thank you,
    Victor J. Melfa, Class of 1957 and
    President, Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society

    The above Welcome Letter was written in 2002, however the state of Holy Cross has not changed much in the last few years, -- except more Alumni and Parents are now aware of the problems.
    Sorry but at this time the news and comments about Holy Cross and Catholicism are not current.
    Additionally, we suggest that you check out the national Cardinal Newman Society at www.CardinalNewmanSociety.org. Thank you!

    Please see this report by the Cardinal Newman Society on Catholic Colleges Embrace Gender Ideology in Housing Policies AND the Holy Cross Website Pages on this.

    But there is hope in their report of Top 10 Signs of Renewal in Catholic Schools. Assumption College in Worcester is doing very well!

    Please see the National Cardinal Newman Society for the latest news.

    NEWS - 3/16/10 - Pope Benedict XVI to beatify Cardinal Newman in September in England

    NEWS 2/17/04
    Holy Cross Targeted in Full-Page USA Today Ads by CNS against Monologues

    NEWS DECEMBER 2, 2003
    Melfa's Letter to Alumni criticizing HC Newspaper & Student Group for supporting Gay Marriage elicits strong front page Telegram reaction

    Charlie Millard honored with Cardinal Newman Society Award & Passes Away 10/20/03
    Charles E. F. Millard '54 passes away 10/20/03 after being awarded Cardinal Newman Society 2003 Ex corde Ecclesiae Award for his significant contributions to the renewal of Catholic higher education. President of Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society posthumously accepts award 11/8/03 for Mr. Millard and his family with gratitude for his courageous leadership and faithful example as a fellow alumnus. See the whole story of his last hurrah at Pro Abortion Matthews but Con HC Benefactor!

    URGENT NEWS RELEASE April 10, 2003
    Past chairman of Holy Cross Board protests honorary degree to Chris Matthews. Objections based on Matthews Pro-Choice position. Urges others to join in objecting to administration.

    Despite large protests from many groups, Holy Cross will produce The Vagina Monologues again on February 11 and 12, 2003. Study this letter and the others on this site at Documents/Vagina Monologues and contact those in authority with your comments!!!
    Vagina Monologues & The Church Sex Abuse Scandal, A Letter to Holy Cross by Charles E. Rice, Holy Cross '53, Professor Emeritus, Notre Dame Law School - A Letter to Holy Cross Magazine (not published!) - 8/29/02
    (“Homosexual exploitation of an adolescent as a “salvation” for the victim”???)

    Theological Malpractice - The roots of scandal by a Theologian at a Jesuit Catholic College – 10/3/02
    Timely article asks: “How many of the priests and bishops who have brought such suffering to minors and scandal to the public were encouraged by teachers and theologians to cut corners and dissent from this or that truth of Catholic faith and moral teachings?”

    Pope Demands Orthodoxy in Catholic Universities - Catholic World News - 12/5/02

    President of Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society Receives Prestigious Award for His Work - 10/21/02

    Feature Article - HCCNS President Receives Award From National Cardinal Newman Society - National Catholic Register - 11/24/02

    Friday June 7, 2002

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    The Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society invites anyone - students, alumni, faculty, administrators and other individuals concerned about Catholic Education at Holy Cross - to join us in this work.

    We are thousands of Holy Cross Alumni, Students & Friends who subscribe to the Mission and Plans of the Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society. We are an independent organization and are not legally connected with, nor an authorized club of, the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.